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The Interdisciplinary Research Group on Information and Communication Processes (GRIPIC) is the research body at CELSA, the graduate school of communication at Paris-Sorbonne University (Paris IV). The GRIPIC works to better understand the structural role played by communication in social life, including in organizations, political spaces, and spheres of commerce, culture and media.  To analyze the social, semiotic and political dimensions of these contexts, the GRIPIC assembles researchers of diverse horizons to employ interdisciplinary methodologies. GRIPIC researchers address social objects by their circulations, historicity, concrete mediations and their technical, cultural and political dimensions.  They implement various methodologies rooted in the analysis of symbols and languages, while considering the relationship between involved actors.

Work of the GRIPIC is federated around five themes:
– Cultures, knowledge and communication
– Market communication
– Media forms and writings
– Communication actors and logics in public space
– Communication practices and work relationships


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