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Back to School

The CRIL (Centre de Ressources Internationales et Linguistiques), aka “The Lab”, in room S09 (in the basement, so “business as usual” in case of an air strike) is open and ready to receive you for tutorials.  While the information about the tutors on our TUTORATS page is being updated I’d advise you to look at … Continue reading

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Starbucks and Apple team up in music and book venture

by John Reynolds, 17 October 2011 Starbucks is teaming up with Apple to launch a digital initiative called ‘Pick of the Week’, which will offer Starbucks customers a free selected iTunes music track or book to download. Starbucks: offers James Morrison iTunes download The marketing initiative is being rolled out across all Starbuck’s UK outlets … Continue reading

Out of Africa
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Out of Africa

Did you know that a white farmer is killed every five days in South Africa? That Nigerian Islamists Boko Haram Burnt 375 Christians alive and that the UNICEF-led programme to eradicate polio in the north of Nigeria was actually a plot to infect the population with HIV-AIDS and sterilise Muslims?  You may have nearly fallen … Continue reading


Open and free

OK, the image is just a piece of nostalgia, but it’s all part of CELSA’s rich heritage, as is the CRIL (*takes a breath* centre de ressources internationales et linguistiques), formerly known as the “lab” or “labo.”  Well, we’re officially in week 3 now, but I thought I’d just welcome  you back, whether it is from … Continue reading