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Are you, too, on the wrong side of the “Social Divide”?

If you roll your eyes at the mention of “diversity” then you may well be.  Renowned Channel 4 journalist, Jon Snow (no, not the GoT character), does not merely lament the lack of diversity in British newsrooms but believes that this lack of diversity was one of the contributing factors in the Grenfell Tower inferno and the terrible loss of life. When meeting Grenfell residents after the fire he was met with angry accusations of coming to the scene too late, of not having cared enough about the conditions being endured by “ordinary” people. For those of you studying media at CELSA and interested in what is happening across the channel (no pun intended) I have paired The Guardian article in which Jon Snow discusses the problem of the lack of diversity, his mea culpa moment, with a longer read, also from The Guardian, (“The revolution was televised: why didn’t the radical TV of the 1980s last?”) which looks at the paradox of Channel 4 (being set up largely because Margaret Thatcher hated the BBC, then becoming her harshest critic) and why television today is far less radical than that of the ’80s.HANDSWORTH_SONGS_pct-09-768x460