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“There aren’t more women in tech because there aren’t more women in tech.” The Importance of Being Influenced.

image.pngWhile scrolling down my Twitter feed (it’s not dead yet) I saw the familiar face of friend and colleague, Mary, (aka @LittleMissMBA) drawing attention to the welcome increase in the number of women in tech companies. Mary was retweeting Yana Welinder and the tweet reminded me of an interesting study by University of Texas sociologist Catherine Riegle-Crumb discussed by social scientist, Shankar Vedantam, on NPR’s “All Tech Considered”  which I had used with my students at UPMC. You can listening to the 4-minute program here and also read Shankar Vedantam’s associated article.  Afterwards, you will understand that the title of this post is not as silly as it sounds.