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Welcome, L3 Newbies, to CELSA… and the CRIL

celsa logoEvery September for most of the past decade has me wondering what my new Licence 3 students at CELSA will be like.  I imagine them — or you — too, wondering what English classes will be like here.  Shall I start with the good news or the bad news?

Of course I’m not going to tell you the bad news! There really is none. It is a challenging course in as much as there seem to be an awful lot of evaluations.  We are in an education system that puts a high value on grades, but do not be alarmed, these tests are not designed to trap you but are a chance for you to show what you can do in English in the domain of communications.

The first test, in October, is a gift: you’ll be given a list of specialized vocabulary and simply be asked to show that you know the terms and can use them. This way we are all on the same page and this vocabulary will be invaluable for you time at CELSA and your future career.

You will also have a short written test. We don’t expect you to be able to write an exhaustive dissertation on the subject, given the time constraint, just answer the question in a clear, “Communications-oriented” way with adequate language control.  As most of you did well in the entrance examination this should not be too hard.

Just after the end-of-year holidays there will be the listening test. As you will have watched the film before the holidays you will have two weeks to find the link and watch the video as many times as you want: the perfect excuse for getting out of helping with the dishes.

After your 16th and final lesson, there will be a written assignment (not under exam conditions) and a short oral exam based on analyzing a print ad. Easy.

During your course you will also have the opportunity to shine in front of the class, dazzling your teacher and classmates with an oral presentation, usually in pairs.  Again, think of it as a chance to show everyone what you can do.

Some of you might find this all too much and wonder how you will manage, which brings me to the part of the title you might not have understood or were obliged to Google (of course, you were given the information but you have had a lot to absorb in your first weeks at CELSA).  The CRIL is the International and Linguistic Resource Centre, casually known as the Lab, and it’s the place which is guaranteed to improve your language performance. It’s underground, but do not let that scare you, room S09. For ten years I’ve seen that those who regularly come for either tutorials or to prepare the TOEFL exam, invariably improve their language level. It’s also where you can find out more about where to go for a year abroad.

Book your appointment here.  We look forward to seeing you.