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Enterprise 2.0 Summit #e20s day 2

Back again at the ESCP Europe Business School in Paris’ 11th district tweeting and reporting highlights from the 2014 Enterprise 2.0 Summit.

Did you know there is a vibrant, interesting discussion about this conference happening in real time on Twitter? Just check the dedicated hashtag #e20s. Not quite the same as being in the room, but it is the next best thing. And for attendees, Twitter is an ideal platform to facilitate discussions, make new contacts and set up face-to-face meetings.

Today I discovered the tweet wall placed behind one of the stands in the exhibit hall. Apparently it was there yesterday, too! I would have preferred to see this wall inside  the conference rooms, even if some people find this distracting.

In my experience, Tweet walls add tremendous value to events. For example, they facilitate interaction, widening the discussion and allowing people to express their opinions who might not have otherwise had the opportunity because sessions ran late so there wasn’t time for Q&A, or because they were too self-conscious to speak up.

Tweet walls also invite people who aren’t using this social media platforms to benefit from the discussion points being shared on Twitter.

There are of course other natural advantages for presenters and for conference organizers who benefit from increased visibility, branding, sponsorship and better attendance for future conferences.

Here are some conference highlights pulled from Twitter…

Diversity is your best friend. #change #socialbusiness @CelineSchill #e20s


Ellen Trude@e_trude 1h I believe the Sessions with @RemoPonti and @CelineSchill at #e20s are my highlights in 2014.

#e20s: Want gr8 research, practical tips for developing Open Leaders? Get “Social Executive” Research @TheCR @rhappe


Dr. Marie Taillard@marietaillard 20m

Impressive: biscuit-maker Poult, traditional French company that’s reinvented itself around social collaboration #e20s @oimoci


#e20s Poult : selon l’organisation mondiale de la santé, les travailleurs français sont les plus déprimés au monde …

Mathilde Parlier

L’expérience client au coeur des enjeux d’innovation de #PSA by @MathildeParlier #openInnovation #e20s


“If it feels scary and lonely, you’re probably on the right track” … A story of disruption #e20s Thx @annemener


True and hilarious! “Life is too short to remove USB safely” @RemoPonti #e20S

Dr. Marie Taillard, Professor of Marketing at ESCP Europe London, French-American, NYer/London (#creativitymktg) is giving her keynote speech, and this is going to be good. Here is a fascinating blog she wrote advocating for a broader definition of value for social media beyond just an economic value. I shall quit blogging and pay attention to her now.

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