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Live from the Enterprise 2.0 Summit #e20s

Hello from ESCP Europe Business School in central Paris where the Enterprise 2.0 Summit is taking place today and tomorrow.

An impressive lineup of speakers and sponsors are here from IBM, Bosch, TELUS, Jive, Soleilles Cowork, Renault, bluekiwi, etc.

Key themes today around the topic of the social enterprise: employee engagement, case studies, whether or not you can measure ROI, how to execute your enterprise 2.0 strategy (bottom up, top down), etc.

Five Panelists - how about including women next time?

If you aren’t able to join in person, follow the lively discussion on Twitter with the hashtag #e20s.

I am learning tons, and especially enjoyed hearing Jon Mell of IBM and Simon Levene of Jive Software, yet I’m quite surprised and disappointed that of the variety of speakers, experts, panelists on stage so far, there have been no women.

We are important contributors to the social enterprise. We have ideas, comments, experiences, observations, case studies to share with you. Didn’t anyone on the planning team notice this glaring ommission as they were brainstorming on which experts and panelists to invite?

Maybe you will you be featuring 100% women at your next event? No? How about 50% then?

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