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CELSA Accents with Emmanuelle Lallement and Brian J. Bowe

CELSA Accents host, Marie Doezema speaks with Dr. Emmanuelle Lallement and Ph.D candidate, Brian J. Bowe, about their current work. Bowe is concluding research on how Muslims are framed in the media. Lallement continues to explore the ethnography of urban phenomena, including in market exchange, at events and during rituals in the city.  Her most recent research explores the fabrication of ethnicity.  Lallement’s recent book – Paris, Résidence Secondaire – describes how taking residence in Paris is attractive to foreigners and contributes to our understanding of the performance of citizenship, a phenomenon that can be applied to other urban environments across the globe. Bowe and Lallement further discuss their personal connections to their research and the methods they use to tell stories that surround their topics, weaving proximity and distance as they find their unique accent.