Open and free


OK, the image is just a piece of nostalgia, but it’s all part of CELSA’s rich heritage, as is the CRIL (*takes a breath* centre de ressources internationales et linguistiques), formerly known as the “lab” or “labo.”  Well, we’re officially in week 3 now, but I thought I’d just welcome  you back, whether it is from the holidays (and the nostalgia of sunshine) or to CELSA itself. So much to do, so much information, but don’t forget that the CRIL is open, free, and waiting for you. We are in the basement, room S09, and we have a lot of new things on offer: new languages (from Chinese to Hindi and Japanese), new faces (with those new languages) and even more useful information about what you can expect when you go to study abroad.

We are pleased to see that some of you have already booked appointments to discuss your academic or professional projects. For those of you who have yet to do this it is easy to arrange an appointment (30 minutes, one-to-one, tailored to your project needs), send an email to:


The team looks forward to seeing you.