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RESEARCH BIO: Emmanuelle Lallement

Assistant Professor
+33 1 46 43 76 63

ElallementEmmanuelle Lallement is an ethnologist and assistant professor at the Graduate School of Journalism and Communications (CELSA) of the Sorbonne University.

In 1999, she defended her doctoral thesis – At the market of differences. Barbès or the coordinated display of a multicultural society. The ethnology of a Parisian market space – in social anthropology and ethnology at the Graduate School of Social Sciences, l’EHESS, working in the Anthropological Center for the Contemporary World.

Her research focuses on 1/ situations of commerce in the market place and consumption; 2/ the fabrication of the city, including festive rituals, urban communication and policy; and 3/ ethnicity in social relationships.

Lallement’s course work at CESLA in contemporary anthropology and is divided into five specific lenses of the field: economic anthropology, political anthropology, urban anthropology, anthropology of the workplace, and anthropology of intercultural communication.

Selected (recent) publications include:

Forthcoming 2010a. Ruptures, abandon, displacement.  Ethnology of alternative consumption and marketplace practices. In Sociologies Pratiques, N° 20.

Forthcoming 2010b.  Urban picnics: new “city parties”? in Urbanisme.

2009.  Market city.  Study of Barbès. Editions Téraèdre.

2008. Paris Plage: A fake beach for a real city? In Géographie et Cultures, N° 67.

2007a.  Events in the city, City events: anthropological approach of new urban rituals.  In Communication & Organisations.  N° 32.

2007b.  “When commerce makes a city” with Sophie Corbillé in Paris sous l’oeil des chercheurs, Belin.

2007c.  Celebrating an absent object.  Operation Paris Plage.  In Objets et memoires.  Editions de la MSH/CELAT.

2005a.  The popular tested by (à l’épreuve de) marketplace situations. Chic-popu and popu-chic at Tati. In Hermès, N° 42.

2005b.  The Unmistakable absent. Communication in method manuals. With A. Jarrigeon, J. Tassel and J.B. Perret.  In Etudes de Communication N° 27.

2005c.  Tati and Barbès. Equality and differences on every floor.  In Ethnologie française N° 2005/1.  Négoces en ville.

2004.  On the water front.  Paris Place: The city is ours.  With Michèle de La Pradelle.  In The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences.  Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, CA USA.