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RESEARCH BIO: Dominique Pagès

Head of Culture, Tourism and  Communications Degree Program, Assistant Professor
+33 1 46 43 76 15

DPagesDominique Pagès is an Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Journalism and Communication of University Paris-Sorbonne.  She has created and developed several degree programs specializing in Intercultural Communication, Territorial Communication and Digital Communication. Currently, she leads the Master’s degree program in Cultures, Tourism and Communication.

Pagès’ current research centers around the following three axes: Metropoles seen from a symbolic, cultural and digital perspective; The identities of banlieues sensibles produced for and by media; The place of culture in defining geographic territories.  Her teaching focuses on the history of communication theories, a communicational and cultural study linked to geographic territories, digital communications of cultural and tourist organisations, locative and pervasive media in urban areas in addition to teaching research methodology.

Additionnaly, she participates regularly in cultural exhibits and programming for the city of Paris.  Pagès is a member of numerous scientific committees, including the Metropolization and Tourism Committee of the Tourism research Institute of the Sorbonne University, “Metropole and Digital Culture Committee of the City of Paris, the Culture and Tourism Committee of the Rhône-Alpes Region, and the editorial Committee of the academic review, Quaderni.