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RESEARCH BIO: Arnaud le Gal

Associate Professor
Redacteur en chef Les ECHOS

legal2Arnaud le Gal has has been teaching at the graduate school of journalism and communications of the Sorbonne University (CELSA) since 2006. He has been at CELSA since 1995, while coordinating the professional training program of the school of journalism since circa 2000. He was then appointed associate assistant professor and was distinguished as an associate professor in 2006.

Arnaud le Gal is the managing editor and publisher of l’Entreprise, one of France’s leading economic magazines and the country’s prominent media about entrepreneurship.

He is the co-host and co-producer of a radio show, l’entreprise bfm, broadcasted on bfm, a radio network focusd on business.

He also blogs about cars and the automobile industry on his magazine’s website,

With nearly 25 years experience in the information industry, Arnaud le Gal has previously  been launching and managing several magazines, notably about music, education or non profit organizations.

He also consulted about corporate communication, in-house communication and communication strategy with l’agence/sorio group, where he was a senior consultant for banks, the paris stock exchange, as well as the automotive and composite materials industries.