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RESEARCH BIO: Valérie Jeanne-Perrier

Head of Human Resources Degree Program, Assistant Professor
+33 1 46 43 76 36

VJPerrierValérie Jeanne-Perrier is the Director of the Human Resources Degree Program at the Graduate School of Communications of the Sorbonne (CELSA) where she also teaches on subjects pertaining to the Media and Organizational Sociology. Her research focuses on professional and editorial changes linked to the use of IT tools as sources and resources for writing in the process of structuring the production of information in the workplace.

Her work brings forward individual sociological dimensions, including the extent to which people are driven to construct their identity in the workplace.  Mediation and writing devices (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) play a larger role in how workers produce themselves, thus creating a new set of identities for themselves. In addition to her academic work, Jeanne-Perrier regularly participates in the research projects of the international professional association for Journalism, le Réseau d’Etudes sur le Journalisme.