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RESEARCH BIO: Sophie Corbille

Assistant Professor
+33 1 46 43 75 15

SCorbilleSophie Corbillé is Assistant Professor, teaching in the Human Resources Degree Program and the Marketing Degree Program, at the Graduate School of Communications of the Sorbonne University (CELSA).  She is also one of the leaders of the Marketing, Management and Communication Master’s Degree Program in Paris-Sorbonne University, Abu Dhabi Campus.

She is an anthropologist and teaches urban anthropology, economic anthropology, material anthropology, anthropology of work and research methodology throughout the degree programs at CELSA.

Her research and publications focus on:
–          The social and symbolic construction and transformation of cities, in particular Paris;
–          Urban identities and multiculturalism;
–          Urban market places and how they shape identities and support social links between inhabitants;

A portion of her research has been financed by the City of Paris, the French Ministry of Culture and the French Ministry of Urban Development.

Forthcoming works focus on the workplace from an anthropological perspective, specifically analyzing identities at work:
–          How Human Resources play a larger role in how workers produce themselves through the production of categories such as “talented individuals”;
–          How Human Resources practitioners fabricate and coordinate daily work;
–          Managerial discourse and its effect on the organization;
–          The relation between what we can call “real work” and “ideal work”, meaning the work that employees are expected to achieve;
–          The borders of the organization, in other words, the way to construct the organization as a worker community apart from other social fields or as a part of a larger whole.

Corbillé is also a member of the French Research Association for Social Anthropology.