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RESEARCH BIO: Etienne Candel

Assistant Professor
+33 1 46 43 76 28

etienneEtienne Candel is in charge of the Digital Media Communication Master’s Program, and is in charge of Research development at CELSA (the Graduate School of Journalism and Communication – Sorbonne University, France). His research focuses on the links between digital innovations and cultural transformations. Specific questions that he analyzes include how do digital media transform traditional mediations, and how does the legacy of social mediations, in return, elaborate and “fill” these media. Candel is also working on the practices and social representations of marketers when developing communication strategies, especially using new media. He is an Alumnus of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS Ulm) and of the Political Science Institute of Paris (Sciences Po).

Detailed research fields

For the past eight years, Etienne Candel has specialized in the analysis of relations between digital innovation and cultural transformations. His doctoral thesis (2007) focused on a semiotics approach to online participatory literary criticism. The overarching goal of his research is to understand how cultural traditions and inherited mediations get affected and modified by the fact that they are now written by digital media, and how they inspire these global writing practices.

He has recently questioned the effective impact of technical innovation on reading practices, and the way people use cultural objects to identify themselves on social networking sites. As a major result of these studies, he argues that the generalized use of connotation is a means to gain social and symbolic value.

His research stresses digital culture phenomena including matching between social media users, creative editing structures such as tagclouds, and forms and genres like portals, blogs or micro-blogging platforms. He focuses on interpreting and understanding the different dimensions of media – social, semiotic and technical issues that compose websites or any kind of digital media form as a complex object that requires an in-depth analysis from historical and social perspectives.