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RESEARCH BIO: François Allard-Huver

Doctoral Candidate
+33 1 46 43 75 02

Francois Allard HuverFrançois Allard-Huver, is a French PhD candidate at Sorbonne University. He is interested in questions dealing with transparency policies and communication strategies in European and French Institutions, especially risk assessment authorities like EFSA (European Food Safety Autority) or ANSES (the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety). His dissertation deals with transparency and open government policies, as well as the question of frankness (parrhesia in Foucaldian theory) in the public sphere. He is also interested in the digital media strategies of risk assessment authorities.

In his free time, he works as Secretary General for Doc’UP, a non-profit organization of PhD students in Sorbonne-University Higher Education Cluster (Sorbonne, Assas, Pierre & Marie Curie, INSEAD). He is committed to representing and promoting the graduate student community in France, while  reinforcing their links with the business community and society in general.

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