Oh dear!

IMG_1297Here is a classic example from which you, Celsa students of communication, can learn. You come up with a brilliant concept. Check (Actually when I was walking past this shop in the 9th it was closed, but it seems to be offering anything and everything along the lines of eggs. Perhaps not such a brilliant concept after all).  You come up with a great logo. Check. (Cute little egg with a rakish crown). You come up with a FANTASTIC name, using the current trend of French/English wordplay. (You know how English speakers say, ‘Oh my God’ all the time? Well just change it a bit to, ‘Oh my coque’!)  Not check. Not check at all. I challenge any Australian, Indian or American walking by, to read it without a smirk crossing their faces.

‘Eggs are just not the first things that come to mind,’ as one American commented. Neither does eggshell, soft-boiled egg, curl, lock, loop or any of the other suggestions my translation app supplies. What one does immediately think of is, well, something quite different. The shop has broken the first law of messing about with French/English in marketing, which is run it by a real English speaker before you spend money on getting it painted up on large, public hoardings. Doesn’t matter who, could be the work experience person in HR or the marketing director’s au pair. Or perhaps they did, and decided to go with it anyway. To the egg emporium in the 9th?  Bonne chance!