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Admit it, your grammar isn’t perfect

Well, most of those in Licence 3 have had their fourth English lesson (unless you are with Ms Laizeau, or have been skipping class) and the vast majority of you will have made at least one grammar mistake.  That’s not a problem and perfect grammar is by no means essential in order to communicate effectively.  At CELSA we don’t provide traditional English lessons, taking one grammar point at a time.  However, when it comes to your written English your grammar will be taken into account, both by those marking your tests here and future employers.  Of course, at CELSA we offer an invaluable resource in the form of the Language Exchange (formally known as the “Lab”), where you can book a tutorial with a native speaker here.  However, if the tutorials when you are available have already been booked you have two options.  You can either just come to the Language Exchange and work on your grammar alone on one of the beautiful new Apple computers, or work at home.  In both cases this is a well presented and very thorough online resource, as one would expect from the British Council.  Far better than the usual online exercises, cluttered with annoying advertising.  Take a look at the British Council’s online grammar exercises here.