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Language Exchange Audio-Visual Resources

For those staff (and students, for that matter) using the Language Exchange (formally known as the Language Laboratory and still to be found in the basement) we have incorporated many of your favourite audio-visual resources from the previous system into the new computers. So, to refresh your memories, in Licence 3 we have “Tory Woman” from the series Absolute Power, 50 Cent, Gap & Nike, PG-Tips, and  Starbucks.

In Master 1 we can offer The Persuaders, Is Wal-Mart Good For America?, A Dangerous Business, Workaholics, Getting Older Younger, Fordism as well as two CIPD Podcasts (Globalisation and Networking).

In Master 2 the videos available are “Pope Idol” from Absolute Power, “Basic Training” and “Montsanto” from The Corporation, “Marks & Spencers” from Coolhunters, Panorama’s “The Trouble With Sugar” and “Must Have Own Teeth”, and France.

Remember ,there are CD-roms up-and-running for TOEFL training, as well as a question activity for the  Independent Speaking Task of the TOEFL test.

We can also send designated websites to the students’ computers for watching videos on streaming, as well as incorporating your own material.