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Four tips for best practices from Twitter

If you are a one of our students at CELSA you probably already have a Twitter account (what? You don’t? You don’t see the need?  Well, at least try it before rejecting it, and if you still need convincing as to the influence of the online social network, then have a look at Clay Shirky’s illuminating talk “How social media can make history” on TED Talks  ). We are often treated to news stories about how some personality in the world of politics, sport or entertainment (is there a difference?!) has got into trouble over something they have tweeted.  Do you know what the four tips are? Last week there was an interesting post on The Wall, a blog on social, marketing and media, (part of the Brand Republic group) by Gordon MacMillan (you can follow him on Twitter @gordonmacmillan  ).  The four tips that Twitter gives are aimed at journalists, but anyone working in media can benefit from their advice.  As Mr MacMillan writes:

“Earlier this week we were reading about how a growing number of journalists “can’t work without social media” and read Twitter as the most important of those journalistic tools.

Today Twitter has put out its basic four tips for journalists using Twitter, which is a useful addition and reminder to the many social media guides and tips that have been published including some here, which have proved some of the most popular posts on The Wall…

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