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Some advice

Our previous post was a message from the Head of Department, Kyle Schneider, who also posts regularly on this blog.  Here is a link to the advice some of the examiners gave candidates last year on the CELSA website. The podcast deals with the written exam — which you have passed (congratulations!) — but also some tips for the oral examination.  As your listining comprehension skills are being tested, you can now practise by listening to the podcast here.

As my colleagues point out, we do not expect you to be bilingual. We want to see how well you can understand, summarize and comment on a fairly complex interview (the NPR, BBC and CNN websites are mentioned — you can now start listening!).

Also, prepare your thoughts on why you want to come to CELSA in terms of how the programmes taught here can help you with your professional project.

During the interview (sounds nicer than “oral exam”) with the jury, try to relax — we are not trying to trick or trap you, but want to see what you can do and see if coming here would be in your — and CELSA’s — interests.

Good luck!