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Information for CELSA English Orals candidates.

A message from the Head of the Language Department:

Welcome to CELSA!

Like all the other candidates who have been selected for entrance interviews, you should be proud of your achievements that have led you this far.  Selection for study at the School is based on your ability, knowledge and, most importantly, how CELSA can provide you with the opportunities to best achieve your personal goals in careers in the information and communication sciences.  Fostering global competence is also a major priority for CELSA, which is why we test candidates in English comprehension and expression.

In preparation for your interview with a panel of two professors, you will be given an audio extract to listen to.  Be sure to note the text number you have been assigned, as you will be asked to provide it at the start of the interview.  All audio extracts are approximately six minutes in length and are taken from real-world, contemporary radio broadcasts. You will be given 15 minutes to interact with the extract as you wish.  Paper will be made available to take notes.

The interview that immediately follows will begin with your presentation of the audio extract you just listened to.  Professors will be interested in your ability to summarize and analyze the extract.  Be sure to:

1/ Demonstrate that you understood the extract, including a presentation of topics and specific details covered in the audio extract.

2/ Relate the topics covered in the extract to wider applications associated with the degree program for which you are applying.

As you wait, we recommend you keep your mind active and in English.  Use online and print resources to stay “warmed up” in the language.  We wish you all the best today in your interviews.  Good luck!

Kyle Schneider
Head of Languages Department