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The Art of “Selling Yourself”…for Employment

The situation is dire. Increasing amounts of students the world around are looking for that perfect job or just a job. Year on year, they flood the market, displaying their many talents acquired in multiple internships.

In the search, we often work on the art of presenting skills and finding our distinct voice in the sea of many.  The process can be daunting. Generally, though, with a little thought, I have seen students devise some fairly intriguing ideas in their quest for employment.

Many tactics exist. Just this morning, radio waves and twitter photo from a flutter with the news that two French students — a ‘boy’ and a ‘girl’ model — in communications offered a peek at their skivvies in exchange for an obligatory internship. If so inclined, you can undress them here. On the conservative side of the spectrum, other students blog profusely in the hopes that they will be discovered in the long tail of human resources online. Those with a penchant for performance edit Youtube videos that show their personality. The list goes on.

Curiously, employers are also starting to get innovative in their search to match job to profile.  The Chicago Tribune recently made headlines — a skill they have down pat — with a quirky job advertisement for a project manager. The only thing missing from the list of supplies for the lucky hyper-organized weirdo they seek is a spork. Apply your weirdness by checking here.

As more and more applicants play their cards to tap into the web and its many mysterious algorithms, it would seem that there is more to the equation in landing that job.  Buzzwords, key phrases, executive summaries and perfectly chosen active verbs can only go so far. Creativity, then, is the common denominator and the game has just begun.