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The latest scandal emerging from accross the English Channel…and the Atlantic

Lobbying’s hidden influence revealed: the Wikipedia pages changed my Bell Pottinger.  December 7th, 2011 | byDavid Pegg|

The extent of Bell Pottinger’s internet manipulation to alter its clients’ reputation online can be revealed by the Bureau.

Evidence seen by the Bureau shows the company made hundreds of alterations to Wikipedia entries about its clients in the last year.

Some of the changes added favourable comments while others removed negative content.

It is the first direct evidence that secretly recorded boasts by the company’s senior executives that it uses ‘dark arts’ to manipulate content on the internet were true.

Among the changes made in the last year by a user – traced to a Bell Pottinger computer – who made the alterations under the pseudonym ‘Biggleswiki’ were… (read the rest of the article)