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Britain’s “Watergate moment.”

For those of you studying journalism and for those of us who are concerned by corruption in government, media and business, the phone-hacking scandal involving Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World is a story you really ought to know about. If you missed it, then The Guardian’s wallchart is a useful visual which maps out what happened, when.  In a Guardian-hosted debate (After Hacking) in London, Carl Bernstein (one of the two journalists who uncovered the Watergate Scandal) likens the two affairs.

Phone hacking: Watergate reporter ‘struck by parallels’ with Nixon scandal

Carl Bernstein said the two events were ‘cultural moments of huge consequence’ about corruption at the highest levels

Dan Sabbagh, guardian.co.uk, Thursday 29 September 2011 22.01 BST

One of the two journalists who uncovered the Watergate scandal has said that he was “struck by the parallels” between the News of the World phone-hacking affair and the saga that brought down Richard Nixon in the 1970s.

Carl Bernstein said that the two events were “shattering cultural moments of huge consequence that are going to be with us for generations” and that both were “about corruption at the highest levels, about the corruption of the process of a free society”. Read more