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Entrance Interview Season is Open

Next week marks the start of this year’s entrance interviews for the Journalism Master’s Degree program at CELSA.  Short-listed candidates get the chance to demonstrate their motivations, talent and unique qualities in two interviews.

Here is a a non-exhaustive list of things that candidates should keep in mind when participating in the entrance interviews:

  • The interview is composed of humans speaking with humans. There is no need to get nervous, as this will likely hinder a candidate from getting her/his points across. Breath and be confident that you’re in the room for a reason.
  • It’s OK to be an individual.  Yes, candidates can think and act differently. They just need to be ready to adequately defend their unique choices and opinions.
  • Vision is important, even if it’s not 20/20. Completing graduate studies is tough work, but it’s even more difficult to see how that coursework fits into each candidate’s bigger life picture. While nothing is written in stone, have a good idea of why you want to study where you’re applying and how that context will help you best further your long-term ambitions.

A group of professors at CELSA have put together a series of podcasts to help candidates as they prepare for the admissions process at the school.  For further reading check out Alice Antheaume’s recent slate.fr article that gives an insider’s view of the admissions process to graduate programs in Journalism.