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Oprah Says Goodbye?

Oprah aired the last show of her 25th season yesterday to what marks the end of an era in television programming and, arguably, the communication medium’s centricity.  While evolving, her legacy lives on through her OWN television network and certainly many other socially-minded, media-savvy initiatives.

With all the power Oprah wields through her proactive and literary fan base, one can’t help but wonder if she would ever channel that energy (i.e. the fury her Favorite Things give-aways episodes can conjure) and throw her hat in the ring of active politics.

For the time being though, it would appear that her influence shall remain soft, but present.  Those in France may recall an episode where she had a PR run-in with Hermès over alleged charges of racism when she was denied access to one of their stores (read the Washington Post article).

Regardless, this remarkable individual’s new adventures will certainly be interesting to follow and, more importantly, telling for the media industry as a whole, as Nancy Franklin’s NewYorker critique demonstrates.